• When posting photos of your completed work online, please use a compressed resolution so others cannot stitch the design directly from your photo.

  • When posting photos of your completed work online, please cite the copyright holder and company name.  Please also support designers by posting links to the designers' websites on your blog or albums.

  • Don't post charts or finishing instructions without permission from the copyrignt holder, even for "free" designs.  Translating copyright-protected work to another language does not change the copyright--it's still unlawful to post or distribute a translation without permission of the copyright holder.

  • All the contents of a chart product are covered by the copyright. Don't scan or copy cover pages, photos, or instructions unless authorized by the copyright holder.

  • Please report any abuse directly to the copyright holder.  Not only will you be doing the right thing, you will be supporting the continuation of creativity and vitality within the industry.

  • Please encourage other needleworkers to support our industry by following these guidelines.

    Thank you!

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